What’s New with translationStudio version 11?
Posted by: Mondele

Project Version Change

There are a number of important changes with translationStudio version 11. Perhaps the most important change is one that is not easy to see. The way projects are stored also has a version, and this is changing in version 11. Because the project version is changing, projects edited in version 11 won’t open properly in earlier versions. (Note that the projects will open, but there are likely to be irregularities.) If you find that you need to downgrade to an earlier version of translationStudio, please contact the Help Desk or a Content Tech to help with converting your project back to a format supported by the earlier version.

The second important aspect of the project version change is that you will need to wait for some time the first time the program opens as it converts your old projects to the new format. The program will say Opening Resource Containers…, and you may think that the program has “locked up”. Please be patient. The more projects you have, the longer this phase will take. Once the projects have been converted to the new format, starting translationStudio will not take as long.

ULB Version Change

There have been a number of changes to the text of the ULB since the last time it was released. These changes will be included in the new version 11 release of translationStudio. In the future, translators will be able to choose whether or not to update the ULB text when a new release comes out, but for this release, the new text is automatic. This may change the outcome of word-by-word translation checking.

Other Changes

There are a number of other changes in the appearance of translationStudio, as well as in the options available to translators and checkers. We will update this article when we have screen images available.

  • When merging projects, translationNotes, translationQuestions, translationWords, and Bible translation projects can resolve conflicts, where a given passage has been changed by more than one user.
    • If you are merging more than two copies of a project, resolve the conflicts after each merge. In other words, don’t try to merge the conflicts in three or more copies at the same time. Resolve the conflicts of the first two, and then merge the third in.
    • If you see Conflict Parsing Error, the translation content is still present, but translationStudio is unable to display the differences to be selected. In this case, contact the help desk or a content technician to fix the text.
    • translationNotes and translationQuestions are stored per chunk, so if there is a conflict, the notes or questions for the entire chunk will be displayed. Individual notes can not be edited at this point; the user can only select one of the available chunks.
  • Import/Exporting A number of changes have been made to the import/export functions
    • translationStudio can now export to USFM format (this feature was hard to find, previously).
    • translationStudio Desktop is now able to properly import projects created on translationStudio Android. However, the Android version that can do the reverse won’t be available right away.
    • Additional Source Texts can be imported, even if they aren’t Level 3 verified. The new source needs to be converted into a Resource Container format, first.
  • translationAcademy is no longer supported as a translation project type.
  • Downloading the ULB for a particular book also updates the translationNotes, translationQuestions, and UDB for that book. It also downloads the translationWords. (Some of these resources may not be available for a particular language.)

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