How to format Translation Notes for publishing (V-MAST)

In V-MAST, translators are given free rein to reformat the content. However, they should not reformat content destined to be published as source text. This article specifies the expected content format. Note that BTT Writer does its own formatting when translating tN, which is preferred.

The required format is very simple. Below is an example of a file containing two notes, and then the explanation:

# Zbog onoga što je Bog učinio

Ovo se odnosi na Kristovo djelo na križu.

# nas… naša

Ove se riječi odnose na Pavla, one s njim i Korinćane.

Line 1 – A single hash, followed by a space, followed by the note title. (This is known as a level 1 markdown header.)
Line 2 – blank
Line 3 – the note itself  (If a note spills over to the next line(s) that is fine, but there may not be any blank lines within the note.)

More lines are needed if there are to be multiple notes in the same file, as in the example above.

Next line – blank
Next line – A single hash, followed by a space, followed by the note title
Next line – blank
Next line – the next note

Additional formatting requirements:

Note titles may not contain links.

Links should not reference URLs that are specific to V-MAST.  For example, https://v-mast.mvc/events/04/ is invalid.

All links to English resources should be changed to the target language. For example, change [[rc://en/ta/man/translate/figs-idiom]]  to [[rc://*/ta/man/translate/figs-idiom]].

Files should not contain HTML or XML code. Especially watch for:

 <br> <h1> <h2> <!– –>  or  &nbsp;

The files are markdown format, with UTF-8 character encoding.

The formatting of the files must match the examples found in .

Any deviations from these requirements will cause delays in the publishing process and might be sent back to translators or to Orlando-based volunteers for manual correction.

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