Installing MAST Apps on a tablet Part Deux
Posted by: Mondele


I didn’t know that we had separate apps for ULB and UDB, as well as Autographa Go and unfoldingWord. I suspect only one of these four is necessary, since both Autographa Go and unfoldingWord can load the ULB and UDB. Although I really like the interface on Autographa Go, I think unfoldingWord is a better choice, since it also allows the reading of Open Bible Stories, and we are still working with those. If we want to turn four apps into one, that would be my recommendation.

Winner: unfoldingWord Bible Reading App

Losers: ULB app, UDB app, Autographa Go

translationRecorder and translationStudio are natural apps for us to install, but I feel that translationKeyboard is an app we don’t need any more. SIL/WBT may be doing amazing work with orthography, but we’re serving people who are going to need to be able to work with off-the-shelf keyboards on mobile devices and computers. Our experience with Myanmar shows that data entry is just part of the task — making sure it’s in Unicode is also important. There are entry methods for every writing system in the world, with the exception of those that are being invented by linguists. I think it would be worthwhile to make sure we’re using keyboards that are locally appropriate, rather than trying to create keyboards that will only work with tK (which I’ve found to be buggy and poorly supported).

Winners: AnySoftKeyboard ( ), African Keyboard ( ), Keyman ( ), Multiling O Keyboard ( ) and other keyboards as we interact with local populations.

Loser: translationKeyboard

As far as WavePad Audio Editor Free, I have no experience with it. It might be worthwhile for someone to check out AudioDroid: Audio Mix Studio ( ) to compare.

Rocker Locker: ?

PowerDirector: My understanding is that DOT no longer uses this, having moved to a Mac Laptop platform.

ES File Explorer File Manager / SHAREit – these apps have some useful features, but every release they become bloatier, more intrusive, and less useful. I would remove them.

In their place I would use almost anything. Amaze ( ) is a decent file manager. If Glenn likes the Asus File Manager, it’s on the list. I may not be aware of all of the limitations, but the X-plore ( ) file manager has a lot of useful crannies without being too bloated.

For local file transfer, Superbeam has worked really well for me, and doesn’t have some of the overhead of SHAREit. (In the day, SHAREit was better, but I think those days are past.)

Barcode Scanner is necessary for Syncthing, and could be useful for inventory management. I’m sure Jota is a fine text editor. QuickEdit Text Editor is nice, but somewhat larger ( ). The MS Office apps are fine. TeamViewer QuickSupport could be vital in remote support.

I gather that Samsung Smart Switch Mobile is an alternative to SHAREit and Superbeam. The reviews aren’t stellar, but if someone has a case to make for it, I’m all ears.

And that’s the list.

For Technicians: On my mobile device, I typically have Keuwlsoft’s Wifi Analyser ( ), to help with setting Wifi channel settings. Nova Launcher ( ) can be used to save screen layouts and instantly set them up on additional devices. CPU-Z ( ) is a nice app for checking system specs and OS Monitor ( ) is great for troubleshooting what’s running. Gitnex ( ) is a useful tool for interacting with DCS/Door43. It should also work with WAC, but I haven’t tested it. SqlitePrime ( ) can be used in those rare instances when we need to look at the translationStudio database contents. (I have also used SQLite Editor, , for this.) Simple World Clock ( ) can be useful for helping people to understand time zone scheduling (i.e. don’t call me at midnight). DiskUsage ( ) can be used to find and eliminate clog on a tablet.

We are expected to record signatures of the Statement of Faith, etc. This can be done with a camera scanning app. The free scanning app I’m most impressed with is Clear Scan ( ). I am purchasing the pro version for $2.99, but it is perfectly usable in the free mode. It supports multi-page scans, conversion to PDF, and even OCR (I haven’t tested the quality of the OCR).

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