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With our Print On Demand equipment, the people can print their own Bibles, in their own language—even in remote areas and areas hostile to the gospel.

Print On Demand means people can print Bibles anywhere.


Print On Demand

Images for Open Bible Stories

Images for Open Bible Stories

The link in translationStudio to download images for Open Bible Stories is broken. As a result, you will not be able to print OBS from translationStudio until you manually update the pictures. The pictures can be downloaded...

How to Prepare OBS Projects for Publishing

How to Prepare OBS Projects for Publishing

  This article is one in a series of articles describing how to get a GL project ready to publish so that others can benefit from it. This article deals with Open Bible Stories (OBS) projects created in translationStudio. A complete OBS project uploaded from tS...


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Kenya – Plastic Bag Ban

I just found out (as I'm to transit Kenya tomorrow) that Kenya has a plastic bag ban, penalizing the offender with jail time and huge fines. I can't find out if this applies to people transiting the airport, or only to people who clear immigration.